Ace - The Music Man

The Birth Of A Band - Tax The Heat

June 18, 2021 Ace
Ace - The Music Man
The Birth Of A Band - Tax The Heat
Show Notes

As a manager, once Adam and I started experiencing some success, a large number of artists (both established and unestablished) started reaching out to us seeing if we would be interested in managing their careers. But the truth is that working on building up an unestablished artist is as much work (or more) than working an act that already has a fan base. It takes a great deal of work with little financial result as a band makes their way up the chain. So it is rare that we ever take any on... but Tax The Heat was a big exception. This band from the Bristol area of England blew me away and continue to do so years later. Here is their tale... I tell it in an effort to encourage others to stick to your guns and make a go of it. 

Tax The Heat Videos
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Learn To Drown (You're Wrong) -
Making of Learn To Drown (You're Wrong) -
Change Your Position -
Fed To The Lions -

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